My First Giveaway! Pack it up and head to the gym!

I signed up for Boston Sports Club 30 days for $30.  I AM SO EXCITED!  I want to try to incorporate some swimming, strength, and spin.  Today, I did 3 miles on the treadmill (SO much better than Dave’s treadmill in the basement) and about 15 minutes of strength (baby steps…).  I have been borrowing Dave’s gym bag to lug all of my clothes and running gear lately.  I knew it was time for me to get my own bag now that I am going to try to get to the gym more.

We went to Sports Authority with Dave and we searched for the perfect sports bag.  I didn’t want something too big, or too small.  I wanted a couple of compartments so that I didn’t have to just throw everything in.  I found the perfect one! (Pardon my gymness-I just got back from BSC!)

It is made of “hexagon ripstop system” which is a nylon material that is water resistant.  It also has a wet/dry tunnel pocket which I am very happy about.  I think I’ll probably put my sneakers in that pocket or dirty clothes.

There are two other pockets besides the main compartment, one on the side opposite of the wet/dry tunnel pocket and one on the front of the bag.  In the side pocket mesh, I am going to keep my lock and inside the pocket, my planner with my running schedule, moleskin notebook, phone, and other personal things I don’t want lost inside the big pocket.

I will keep snacks, Gu, Gu Chomps, gum, random pieces of paper, etc. in the front pocket.

I also love the handles and the strap.  The handles are soft so if my bag is heavier it doesn’t dig into my hands.  Also, the strap has adjustments on both sides and a nice padded support for my shoulder!

Since I loved it so much, I figured I’d buy two and give one away!  (Spot is not included)


You have a couple of ways to enter my giveaway.  And I suggest you do all of them for a higher chance!  In order to enter, do one, two, or all of the following and post a comment per entry:

  1. Follow my blog (use the Follow button on the top right of my blog) (If you already do, comment on this)
  2. Post a blog entry about the giveaway
  3. Add me to your blogroll (If I already am – leave a comment that I am)
  4. Follow me on twitter (@jkhmiller) (If you already do, comment on this)
  5. Tweet about the giveaway
  6. Friend me on dailymile
  7. Write a note on about my giveaway so your other daily miler’s can see

LEAVE ONE COMMENT PER EACH WAY TO ENTER!  So if you do each of the 7 things you will have 7 comments!
I’ll announce the winner on February 7th!  Get going! :)

What’s in your gym bag?
What’s your favorite thing to do at the gym?

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  1. Jim ... 50after40 says

    It's funny what simple things excite us as runners … I love new bags, but I'm toooooo organized! That one looks great! I keep all of the stuff you said in mine, except I have some goggles and a nose clip. I enjoy not crashing into the senior walkers at my gym. Good luck with your new membership!

  2. That Runner Chick says

    I always have an emergency Gel with me too!Sometimes (I cant believe Im saying this) I actually crave running on the treadmill. Its nice to be able to zone out and not worry about cars and other people!Have fun with the gym membership–swimming is an awesome recovery activity!

  3. Rachel Marie says

    I follow you on twitter (I'm MrsSharp315), blogger and daily mile (hmmm…sorta stalker creepy, but us bloggies understand!) My gym bag was stolen out of my jeep. I had the top off and someone helped themselves. I'm guessing they REALLY needed a bag in order to take sweaty gym clothes. Luckily I didn't lose too much, just some toiletries and clothes. I had my shoes and ipod on me, thankfully. Fave at the gym is the elliptical–it kicks my butt. I'm trying to learn to love the dreadmill, I just like walking outside better. And when I go to the gym in the mornings, I stuff my entire bathroom into my bag. Gotta look and smell good!

  4. Ali @ Ali Runs says

    I'm following you on twitter, following your blog & just friended you on Daily Mile :)I need a new gym bag, my strap broke so I have it tied on. It's really sad! haha

  5. Jessica Miller says

    (since I think my phrasing was confusing – I meant one comment per way of entry) I am posting for Naomi for her daily mile friendship

  6. MelPeabody says

    just friended you on daily mile….I am starting to feel like a psycho ex girlfriend stalker….but I really like that bag :)

  7. Cassie says

    Shoes, watch, iPod, socks, sports bra, water, lock, and sometimes my entire purse and my lunch bag! I could really use a bigger bag! Running outside along the shores of lake superior is my favorite, but in the gym I love using the indoor track and watching whatever class or activity is going on in the studio space in the middle of the track. I enjoy entertainment!

  8. Crystal says

    posted giveaway on DM :-) ps: i grew up in NH (hour outside of Boston)and now I live in TX- rest of my fam is still in NH. I hope the snow isn't trapping you inside!! My family is getting hit hard!

  9. theAlmostRunner says

    Hey girl… I'm following you (and thanks for the comment on my last post. Encouragement is always a plus) :)

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