February 26, 2011

Fridays are my rest days.  I love this because towards the end of the week, I get tired and need some extra sleep.  I don’t have to worry about getting up super early to do my workout, and I get some extra rest for my Saturday long run.

For this wonderful Friday, I met with Ashley, the newest member of the Red Rockettes!  We ate lunch at Flour in the Seaport District.  I always feel a little dorky and nervous meeting a new person, so I talk really fast and think time flies by.  I ended up asking if we should head back and it only had been half an hour!  I promise, Ashley I enjoyed your company!  And I’m so excited to get to know you more!  I thought it was funny because she knew so much about me already from my blog, I love it!  And we also were chatting about trying to meet up with other bloggers come Boston Marathon time!

We had to inspect eachother’s teeth before we took the picture because we both had sandwiches with pesto in it!

A call for help!
Speaking of the Ragnar Relay…because our team is within 100 miles of the course, we need to provide 3 volunteers.  The volunteers help check in teams at check points.  Is there anyone between New Haven and Boston that would like to help out our team and volunteer?  If so, please email me at!

Do you ever feel nervous meeting new people?  
I felt like it was a first date! :)
Have you ever had something stuck in your teeth and no one had told you?
I had a piece of blueberry stuck one day, which I discovered after I had multiple meetings.  Eek!

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4 Responses to Rest!

  1. Cait

    resting is the best :) i always feel nervous meeting people regardless of its new friends/dates or what have ou ha- but it always turns out fabulous!

  2. Ashley

    YAY! I had so much fun! And WOW! Glad I look like I"m on drugs in that picture! Hahaha! At least no pesto!

  3. Michael

    Fridays are always my rest days too – for basically the same reasons. Cool that you met up with a fellow blogger.

  4. Rose

    I am terrible at meeting new people.

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