What a tired Tuesday!

I was still so exhausted from this past weekend.  It is funny how you would think that having a holiday would leave me more rested, but I think I am more tired!  Despite my exhaustion, I got up bright and early today to catch the first train.  I headed for the hills!  It was SO cold this morning.  I seriously thought that my face might freeze off!

I didn’t really speed up the hills, but I was still glad that I did them.  My muscles need to get used to the torture during Boston Marathon!


Oh, the whole being exhausted thing reminds me of the other night when Ashley was saying that I looked tired and had to wake up.  I was of course a smart alec and told her, “No Ashley!  I am just Asian so my eyes are like that!”

I know it’s bad to tease yourself because of your race.  I think I automatically do it sometimes because when I was little I was teased because my eyes looked different (I went to a predominately white school) so I was just used to doing it to make myself feel better.  Now, I’m just proud of my eyes and looking different (minus the fact that I’m pretty much blind!).  My friends tease me and say I’m the whitest asian they know, but they still love me.  I hope to someday learn more about my Korean culture and visit!
This leads me to a humorous story of my past.  I was adopted hahahaha.  Just kidding that’s not the funny part.  But anyway, I was adopted when I was born.  So as you can imagine, I was a tiny baby when my parents got me.  When they brought me on a walk, the following conversation had happened:

The neighbor:  “I can’t wait to hear her first words!”

My mom:  “Why?”

The neighbor:  “What if they are Korean?!”


My only reaction when I heard this story was…REALLY?!  I always find it silly what people think sometimes.  But I know that sometimes I say things that I should have thought before I said them.  Lesson learned!

Were you ever made fun of as a child?
Do you ever find people’s reactions to things incredibly interesting?
Have you ever said something and wished you hadn’t?
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  1. Maia says

    One of my BF's was adopted and you totally remind me of her! I will share this story with her tomorrow at work- she will get a kick out of it!!

  2. antosdoeslife says

    Hahaha, wow that story is funny.I have definitely said some things I wish I hadn't…and then I just feel silly.Good job on the hills girl!

  3. Michael says

    I was made fun of alot when I was a kid because I was a girl with the name Michael. I was in a store a few years ago and the clerk asked to see my ID, and said with surprise "Your name is Michael, well it sure is a good thing you didn't turn out ugly with a name like that". I couldn't believe it. I know my mouth dropped a foot. People say some pretty stupid things sometimes without thinking. I know I've said a few stupid things in my time too.

  4. Chanthana says

    Jessica – I love your blog!! I think its brilliant asking questions at the end of them :-) Does anyone ever (affectionately) call you a banana or Twinkie? (white inside, yellow outside) Thanks for sharing your story about the neighbor. It made me chuckle…

  5. Jessica Miller says

    Chanthana! Haha YES to a twinkie! I've never been called a banana though!Thanks for the blog love! :)PS i love following you on daily mile :)


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