Dear Diary…

Do you remember Dear Diary?  Did you have one?  I did!  LOVED that thing!

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Speaking of journals, I hear a running journal is so important because it helps you…

  • Keep track of your progress (running and nutritionally)
  • Find out where you went wrong
  • Find out where you went right
  • Allows you to document more personal thoughts about training and what not that you might not want a blog

I got a lovely moleskin notebook and tried starting a running journal.  I find it difficult to make the time to write in it.  I really want to try to get in the habit because I think it would be fun and helpful.

I need YOUR help.  So here is what I’m asking you!

  • Do you have a running journal?  Why do you write it and how did you get into it?
  • Do you have a virtual or old fashioned paper journal?
  • How do you keep yourself motivated?
  • What types of things have you written in it?
  • Has it helped you?  In what ways?


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    I don't have a separate running journal, but I do think it would help me. I'm not very good about journaling every day, and I think to find trends I would have to track something each day – how much water I drank? what time I ran?

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    Last year I kept a pretty simple one… used the "Training Log" thing that Runner's World sends out w/renewals. But I also kept a spiral bound notebook where I wrote down odds and ends… quotes, motivations, advice, pace charts, notes from books, etc…

    Now that I write a blog, I've slacked on the Training Log, but I did get a Runner's calendar for Christmas that I jot my miles down on. Plus I log them on All I have time for!

    I recently looked back at my first training log – it wasn't that long ago that 11-12 minute miles were my norm. Makes me feel good to think how far I've come!

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    Definitely start a running journal. At first it might feel tedious, but I found it extremely helpful! I find it beneficial to keep track of how many miles I do per week so I hit my milage goals, but don't go overboard. Online ones (I like and also keep track of your average pace and distances over time. Another feature of online journals that I love is that it can keep track of how many miles you put on your shoes so you can plan when you need to buy new shoes. And now that I have a garmin, I can just upload the data there so no more manual mapping and time entry. I tend to just keep these stats, but if I feel particularly good or bad, I'll note it in my journal. That way you can track your improvements or note potential injuries or overtraining.

    I've been keeping an online journal for four years, and I'd definitely recommend it! It's worth the extra five minutes in the day so you can run strong and stay healthy.

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    I had one of those too and loved it!! Too funny!! I also am obsessed with Moleskine journals. They rock! I have a running journal that I've kept for several years now. It's really cool to see how my "long" run went from 5 miles to 12 miles. Stuff like that. I write if I am having a particularly bad day apart from running because that seems to effect my running. If it's an outdoor run, I write the weather. I also will talk about how I am struggling with motivation or if I am feeling really motivated. I find that it helps me stay accountable. I have a notebook that I use. Nothing beats pen and paper.

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    When I was younger I used to write in my journal a lot. I was very consistent at writing in it every day. However, as I've gotten older I have totally gotten out of habit. With technology these days, it's a lot easier for me to use blogging as my journal writing. I'm not 100% focused on keeping track on every single thing that goes on in my life, but at least I am writing about it. Anyway, keeping my journal on my nightstand always reminded me to write in it. Just having it in a place that you see it frequently could be helpful.

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    I do Training Peaks. I don't know if that counts as a journal or not, but it does have spaces for distances as well as post workout comments.

    Maybe it would be a good idea to go back and read some and see if I have made any progress.

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    I used to have one of those too!! I use a fitbook, It is great and I also have room to right down what I eat to see how that affects my training.
    My upcoming half-marathon keeps me motivated because I have a goal of running it in under 2 hours, it also helps that my husband has offered me $1000 toward a MacBook Pro if I meet my goal. My other motivation is my blog it makes me accountable not only to myslef but to anyone who may be reading.

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    I definitely always wanted one of those…Instead my momma always bought me pretty little diaries with keys. I never complained though. lol.

    I guess i keep a running journal of sorts online. I keep my training program in google docs so I can access it anywhere and tend to just make notes about each run on it. I right down, stomach issues, aches, pains, whether sleep or dehydration was a factor, etc. Nothing terribly exciting. The google docs thing works really well for me since I tend to think of things at random moments.

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    I do have a running journal. Have you seen it? I post about it all the time. :) Glad you were able to get some new followers…looks like quite a few. :) This giveaway is open for another week and a half so I'm sure there will be more. :) I really liked my new nathan hydration pack for my long run this weekend! Thanks again. 😉

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    Oh my GOSH!!! Dear Diary- how could I forget about those?! I remember thinking I was so sneaky using mine. I wonder if it's still kicking around my parents' house.

    I think a running journal is definitely very important. I joined a Running Room clinic and as a running room 'student' I have access to their online portal where I can log my runs, pace, calories burned, etc. It's actually very cool :) I love seeing my progress when I log my workouts and it especially helps if you're working towards a certain goal!!

    Thanks for the way back play back with the Dear Diary :)

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    I actually just started logging stuff down in a really ugly journal to keep track of my progress for PT and then just kept on writing. And your right you can write a little more personal in there just like your dear diary :)

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    ive been writing in diaries since i could begin to learn how to write haha of COURSE i had a DEAR DIARY! they were "SO COOL" bahah! xo

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