Today was an AWESOME day and it’s only going to get better!

I got up at 5:40 this morning, yup only 1 hour later than my typical work day.  I thought my alarm was a joke and almost went back to bed but remembered my long run.

I got my oatmeal ready and hit the road to Newton!  I left kind of early because I always like to leave some time to get lost in there.  I arrived at a club member’s house and got shuttled by our amazing club members that volunteered to drive us out to the marathon start.  Thank you so much volunteers!

On the ride over, I was thinking “Uh oh, I have to pee again.”  But, the most wonderful thing ever happened.  There were not only PORTA POTTIES but busloads of people, policemen, free Saucony gloves!  I didn’t know this long run was so big!  I hit the porta potties, but was worried because my club wanted to leave soon.  I HAD to pee.  I finished ran over and luckily my friend Carrie waited for me!  She is so awesome!  I was originally going to run with Kimberly who wanted to run 8:00 avg pace, but luckily I had Carrie there.  We usually did our training runs together and ran more around 8:40 typically.

Anyway, off we went!  There were so many different clubs along the course with water stops for their runners.  There were people cheering.  Policemen would stop traffic for the runners!  IT WAS A LONG RUN DREAM!!!  I felt like I was in a casual fun race.  GOT ME SO PUMPED FOR BOSTON MARATHON!  I know that even if I don’t hit mmy PR that this will be an amazing experience and SO much fun!

Today was also a great day because I felt really important.  I helped Carrie Gu (I asked her “Did you Gu yet?”  She had forgot!  Thank goodness!) AND she told me she wanted me to pace her for her next marathon!  I felt so special!  We rocked this run.  Carrie’s watch read a different time than mine, but either way we did a great job!

(My Garmin read a little differently than hers)

Carrie and I after our 22 miles!


I would have loved to run with Kimberly and gotten to know her better since I’ve seen her so many times at races but haven’t really gotten a chance to really talk to her (my club is pretty big, so I don’t know everyone!).  She was super nice.  Before I knew Carrie was going to run ,I Facebook message Kimberly to see what her pace was and if I could tag along…but-not going to lie-the pace frightened me.  Great run Kimberly! Maybe soon I can run fast with you :)



Sorry bloggers, I haven’t been able to catch up on my Google Reader lately so I have been lacking on the commenting.  It’s been tough for me to even squeeze in posts, so I have some catching up to do!


What was your best long run experience?

I think today!  It was awesome having all the people cheering, all the runners, all the water, gatorade and policemen!  And of course the company of Carrie!

What was your worst long run experience?

Fortunately, I can’t think of one right now!

Do you have any plans for the weekend?

Drinks with some friends tonight!  AND I GOT MY NEW BIKE!!  Post about the bike will be coming soon! :)

Do you account for time for getting lost when you drive someplace?
ALWAYS.  Because I almost always get lost!

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  1. says

    Congrats on the long run, you were a speedy girl! I just finished up 20 today in 3 hours and it was meh.

    My best long run was last week when I did 19 miles by myself and it was just pure bliss.

    My worst was last year around the end of September, when I wasn't prepared for the heat.

    Rest up girl!

  2. Ashley says

    impressive picture after 22 miles…i most likely would have been dead on a couch!! and great rallying for last night! :)

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