Meet Julie!

Good afternoon everyone!  I thought it might be fun to introduce a friend of mine who is running her FIRST marathon…Boston Marathon!  I met her through Dave’s graduate classmate Kit.  It was really bizarre because Julie went abroad with a friend of mine who I’ve known since pre-school!  We figured this out when I hosted a pasta dinner before the Boston Run to Remember and created a Facebook event and they were both invited!  AWKWARD!!!! JK :)

So Everyone, meet my friend JULIE!

How did you get into running?

I first started running when I was studying abroad in Sydney. I wanted something to do to stay in shape while I was there and running was a great, cheap option. It also allowed me to learn my way around the city, and, because I’m horrible with directions, I often got lost and got to explore places I never would’ve otherwise seen. I ran my first ever race while I was there (a 10k) and it was pretty tough for me. At that point, I couldn’t imagine running more than a couple of miles and it felt like such a feat to run that far.

What is your ultimate running and/or fitness goal?

My ultimate running goal has always been to run a marathon. But I guess I’ll have to come up with a new one soon! I’m pretty horrible at swimming and biking, but I do really like the idea of triathlons – they’re such a great way to keep your whole body in shape.

What challenges have you encountered in your first time training for a marathon?  What is your goal for Boston Marathon?

I never realized just how much of a commitment training for a marathon would be. It really has consumed my life these past few months and I don’t think I could have done it without the support of my family, my boyfriend, and my friends. I love running and I don’t mind the long organized group runs (in fact, I always look forward to them!), but at times it was difficult to find ways to fit in the mid-distance runs during the week, especially when it was cold and dark and icy in January/February (thank goodness I was able to get a 2 month gym membership at BSC). I also had some trouble with my hips/knees (IT Band) once I started really increasing my mileage. But fortunately I caught it pretty early on and have been careful about foam rolling, stretching, and taking ice baths, so it hasn’t gotten any worse (knock on wood). My original goal for Boston was just to finish, but in order to make sure I pace myself carefully, I set a goal of 4:20. Although it would be neat to break the 4 hour barrier someday…

How do you balance social life, running and work?

Fortunately for me, I haven’t been too busy at work since training started. I work for a consulting firm and I’ve been in between projects for the last couple of months, so I’ve been able to work very reasonable hours and fit in runs before and after work. My social life, on the other hand, has changed pretty drastically. Friday nights are now quiet, in-bed-by-11pm nights and Saturday nights I’m often struggling to stay up past midnight. But I have tried my best to go out and meet up with friends whenever possible (and they’re always appreciative and impressed by my willingness to go out at all). I’ve also realized that a post-long-run nap on Saturday afternoon really does work wonders!

Do you like to cook?  What is your favorite meal?  If you don’t like to cook, what is your favorite restaurant and meal they make?

I love cooking and almost always prefer it to eating out. I have a tough time choosing my favorite meal, but I am a huge fan of most Mexican food (although I hate cilantro, so sometimes I have trouble with that at Mexican restaurants). In college, my friends used to joke that I was half-Mexican since I would frequently make Mexican dishes (mainly tacos, fajitas, enchiladas, and quesadillas) when it was my turn to make dinner. I also love pasta and my go-to dinner is often pasta with various sautéed veggies on top. I don’t think I’d ever get bored of that.

What is another hobby of yours besides running?

Running is definitely my primary form of exercise, but I like almost all outdoor activities, especially hiking and snowshoeing. I also really enjoy exploring new places and trying new things, reading about nutrition, grocery shopping, and (most importantly) eating a lot.


Julie is running to raise money for Dana-Farber’s cancer research program. She and her teammates are hoping to raise $4.5 million toward finding a cure for cancer, and they’re already halfway there!

If you’re interested in supporting the cause, please check out Julie’s fundraising page: One hundred percent of all donations go directly to cancer research and are fully tax-deductible. Any and all donations are greatly appreciated, both by Julie and by the many patients battling cancer whose lives are improved every day as Dana-Farber continues to find new and innovative ways to treat this disease.


Thanks Julie for participating!  And I’m looking forward to trying to convince her to run Philly Marathon!  Or maybe the half so our boys can have some company to cheer with! :)


Have you ever run for charity?

I haven’t yet, but I want to someday.  I’m not sure which charity I want to raise money for yet.

How do you balance work, social life, and working out?

Lots of planning!  I actually started a post about this, but haven’t gotten a chance to finish it.  I’ll work on that! :)

Do you have any bizarre “Wow it’s a small world” moments?

All the time!  I often find out through Facebook, sad huh?

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    I'm pretty horrible at the balance honestly. I think that's why I get up at 5am to workout. I know right now, training is super important to me, so I get it done first…then I just try and fit the social stuff in where I can.

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