Sparkle Skirt….Yup…Sparkle Skirt

I am not a runner who usually runs in a skirt.  I think they are super cute, but I just don’t do it.  It might be because I live in Boston and am used to cat calls or rude people on the road making me feel uncomfortable.  My running girls are the same exact way.

But for the Ragnar Relay we all said…LET’S WEAR SKIRTS!!!  And we are going to!

Tonight’s plans include hopefully getting a bike lock and pump, and going for either a short run (4 miles max) or a bike ride.

Some news…I am getting closer and closer to getting Dave to run the Philly marathon!  He said he’s unsure if he wants a Garmin or the new Nike GPS watch!


Do you run in skirts?

Like I said, not usually.  Maybe this experience will change it all! :)

Have you ever done a 200 mile relay?  Which one?  What was your favorite thing about it?!

I did the Ragnar Relay last year with some strangers.  It was so much fun!  Read more about it here.

What running watch do you use?  Did you see the new Nike watch?

I use my Garmin Forerunner 405 and LOVE it! :)  The new Nike one does look pretty slick though!

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    I always race in skirts (with compression shorts underneath for anti chub rub) Its fun because when you pass guys, a lot of times they'll comment in a fun way "i'm getting beat by a girl in a skirt"- always makes me go faster.

    I did the Ragnar Relay here in TN this year- loved it so much we're doing another one in PA in October.

    I also use the 405- I got it for Christmas and I'm STILL figuring out little quirks and benefits!

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    Ahhh! I have never run in a skirt before but my sister wants me to try so bad!

    I have a Garmin and I LOVE it. I have heard iffy things about the Nike thing though. :(

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    You look very cute in your skirt :)

    I have a Nike skirt but I find that the shorts ride up so it’s not very comfortable. I’ll stick with my fav. Nike tempo shorts.

    The new Nike watch looks very cool! Everyone in Oprah’s audience got one yesterday, so jealous! Is it out yet?


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    I don't wear running skirts, but for a Ragnar, anything goes!! I ran Wasatch Back last year and loved it so much I am captain of a team for this year. We have our first team meeting tomorrow and I can't wait!!! Two days of friends and running… doesn't get much better than that. :)

    I use a Garmin 305 (I call mine Coach Bob) and I love that thing.

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    I got a Champion skirt last year at Target and love it. I wore it all the time. This year I got a Brooks and a Nike one. Love the brooks one and the jury is still out on the Nike one as it hasn't been warm enough to wear it much although I love the looks of it. It has a ruffle! .Just got a Lululemon one in the mail and am beyond excited about that one it is so cute! and I am not usually a girly girl. i have the 305 and love it mostly though it is a bit bulky on my wrist

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