Start up again today!

I didn’t work out yesterday.  I gave myself another break.  I worked my butt off for the marathon.  BUT now it’s time to get back into it because me and my girls will be running 200 miles from Yale to Harvard in less than 3 weeks!

Tonight I am going to run 5-6 miles.  I’ve been running up to 4.  I need to slowly get some mileage up again so that I don’t die for Ragnar Relay.  I haven’t heard from the swim guy at BSC, so I might call them to see if I can schedule something for this weekend.

Resurrecting my past….we have a potential client in today so getting all fancy!  I am even going to pull out the high heels which have been hiding under my desk because I’d rather be wearing my running sneaks or flats to preserve my feet haha.

I also have to make chili tonight for our work cook off!  I haven’t made this kind before, so hopefully it is going to be good!  I’ll let you know how it goes on Thursday after the cookoff! :)


Do you find it hard to get back into working out after racing?

Does your work have fun activities on the side?

Did you sacrifice some fashion for running?

Yes.  I stopped wearing heels!  I wanted to make sure my feet were always in optimal condition!  Pain for fashion?




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    Ooo! Pulling out the high heels, eh? Funny, I've been wearing my black Brooks Addictions with my suits lately and haven't pulled out my shiny black dress shoes in awhile. Maybe today!

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    I definitely have stopped wearing heals as well. I just felt like it wasn't worth it in the long run. Everyone knows I am short, I don't need to pretend anymore that I am a big girl! haha.

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    Yay for Ragnar! I'm doing one in September. Can't wait to hear about yours.

    I almost never wear heels anymore. A nice benefit of working from home. I'm always in my barefeet, and when I do wear shoes, they are minimalist.

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