Weekend Here I come!

Last night I watched the Ragnar Relay Captain’s video.  I got really excited for the relay next weekend!  I still can’t believe how much I’ll have to run since we are doing the ultra version.  I will NOT be going for speed on this race, more just finishing and having FUN!

After getting all Ragnar’ed out, Dave and I went for a run along the bike path:

Workout Stats:
4.16 mi
36:07 (avg 8:40 pace)

Tomorrow will be my first ride with a group.  I’m going with Kim and a few others.  But for now,  I’m off for my morning swim!  Today was SO difficult to get up early.  I just forced myself to get up and put my contacts in.  Usually if I can see better, it is easier to wake up.

But more importantly, tomorrow I will be going out to celebrate Ashley’s birthday!!!  Get your dancing shoes on!!! :)

Just kidding!  I would NOT be able to dance in these!  (These are from our fashion show last year)

Do you like dancing?

Yes I do!  I am not so good at it, but I just have fun and like to get a workout!

Do you wish you could wear pretty shoes all the time?

Yes, but instead I find myself wearing flats and my Nike’s!!!

What’s your favorite thing about Fridays?


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  1. says

    Those shoes are hot! Where did you get them? Ragnar looks like it’ll be fun too, I’m hoping to get in on something like that in the future. Have fun :)

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