This past week I was pretty hydrophobic. I didn’t swim ONCE! Tisk Tisk! I wanted to start this week right and get up Monday morning for a swim at BSC, but I was so exhausted and just wasn’t feeling it. I slept in (man I have been a slacker huh?!). My weekends are when I catch up on sleep but because of the RRCA courses I was taking this weekend, I had to get up early both days and had no time to nap.

However, I did get in an awesome run Sunday after the last day of RRCA. I ran completely on my heart rate and ignored my pace. I only looked at my pace when my watch lapped at each mile. I tried to stay within a heart rate of 147 and 165, which I calculated a while back via the Karvonen Formula. Success! I felt great after the run too!

My HR was the highest when I first started, but it steadied out.

5.7 miles
49:13 (splits, 9:24, 8:19, 8:37, 8:25, 8:19, 8:46)
Avg pace 8:38
Avg HR 155
MHR 196

I was supposed to get a 30 mile bike ride in yesterday but I just did my commute of 12 miles…I know that this slacking on the training will catch up with me. However, I have been biking to work on days biking is not on the schedule. I’m hoping this kind of counter acts it? I know it won’t, but for right now let’s just pretend it will.

Anyway, this morning I was a good little triathlete wannabe and got up for a swim! I only swam for 25 minutes but hey I got a swim in!


(yes I know swim cap pictures are flattering…)

58 laps
23 yard lane
1334 yards ~ .76 miles

News flash! My first triathalon is this Sunday! I am pretty nervous. I don’t have a wetsuit either. They are so expensive! I am going to do some last minute research and see what I can do!

Do you have some tips for my first tri?!

Do you heart rate train?

I am starting to. I plan on doing a post on heart rate training so that I learn more about it and so do you!

What is your workout today?

I biked to the gym, swam, and will bike home for my run!

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  1. says

    I think it's ok to "slack" every now and then. Sometimes I just get so tired I can't do it. I never get to sleep in on the weekends anymore due to the heat in Kansas City. You've got to be up by 5am to try to beat the heat a little. I just feel like I'm dragging all the time.

    Good luck on your first tri!! That's so exciting! Just make sure you transition area is set up nicely with everything ready to go. Have your shoes untied or loosened up, your socks (if you are wearing them) placed in your shoes. Your helmet unlatched, etc. Just make it as easy on yourself as you can to get ready for the next leg. I also like to bring an extra water bottle that I keep in my transition area to spray my feet after the swim and before the bike.

    Good luck!!

  2. says

    Slapping on a speedo first thing in the am is tough! Good job on getting it done!

    News flash! My first triathlon is this Sunday! I am pretty nervous.– Best of luck! You'll be great!!!!

    Do you have some tips for my first tri?! – I've never done one–just waiting on a bike! However, I have a few triathlete friends…and the biggest thing is —stay calm in the water! :)

    Do you heart rate train? – No, I'm taking up more interest though!

    What is your workout today? – weights-check! 5-6 mile trail run this pm!

  3. says

    Good luck in your first tri!!!! If you want to get a wetsuit xterra always has great deals! THey are a local company here in SD. I got my sleeveless suit for $99 and my full sleeve for $159. Let me see if I can find the deal for you in my email. Okay shoot the deal I had expired 7.24. I'll let you know if I find another one!

  4. Kate says

    I am doing my first tri this weekend also! I was able to rent a wetsuit from my local running/sports store. They charged $25 to rent it for a week. good luck on your tri!

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