There is such thing as a free lunch.

Yesterday I was SUPER excited for my FREE lunch! My company has lunch and learns where a representative will bring in free lunch and you sit through their presentation. This isn’t always a free lunch because you sit through a presentation, and if it is not a good presentation, you paid for your lunch with your time. If it is a good presentation then it’s a win-win situation-you get free lunch and you learn something new!

I didn’t attend Tuesday’s a lunch presentation, but I did get to have some of the free food! They had leftover FLOUR BAKERY sandwiches!!! JACKPOT!!!

Yesterday, I toasted that baby up. It was absolutely delectable! I even forgot to take a picture of it because I wanted to dig in. It was a lamb sandwich with goat cheese, a tomato chutney, and some greens. AMAZING and FREE!

(Image Source)

I also found a package of Sour Patch Kids in the kitchen. WHAT?! Who would leave those out! Let me just say, my coworkers and I are literally like seagulls. We see the free food be brought to the kitchen and then we flock. If you leave some delicious looking leftovers in the kitchen, you might not see them because someone might mistake them for being free. This case is true with the sour patch kids. My coworkers in my department saw me walk by with my free Sour Patch Kids and I got the following responses:

You took ALL of them?!

Are you going to share?!

Are you SURE those are free?!

Don’t worry, I did share them! But I also did take the whole container. I just finished them up yesterday. I paced myself a little bit so that I didn’t go into sugar overload.

In other food news, I have been good this week and haven’t bought one snack! I did however meet a friend at Flour Bakery to split a sticky bun. She bought this day so I am going to repay her and buy her a delicious treat from Flour some other time!

I’ve talked enough about food. I should probably talk about my workout today…

I got up early and biked to work. It was my fastest ride to work! Part of the contributor might have been that I didn’t have to stop much.

6 miles
Avg 15.1 mph
Avg HR 135
MHR 157

I was going to get up earlier and swim but I wanted a few extra winks for my long bike ride tomorrow morning. I am going to try to get in 40-50 miles.

When I come home tonight I plan on doing a slow, easy run with Dave. He did a hill workout yesterday and wants to have a recovery run. I am missing out on my running club’s track workout because I haven’t been in the mood for speed.

Do you get love free food?!

I’m pretty sure this is a “yes” for everyone!

Do you sometimes just crave a slow, easy run?

Lately, it’s all I crave! I might try to include a tempo run next week since it’s been a while!

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  1. says

    I think Flour Bakery was on Throwdown with Bobby Flay for those sticky buns and they looked incredible! We have lunch & learns also, but they usually feature people from within the company who are very knowledgeable in an area and can share their experiences and the lunch is always pizza. At least they have salad as well for those of us who can't eat gluten!

    I definitely like a nice, slow run. They give me more time to think and enjoy being outside!

  2. says

    That sticky bun looks downright sinful and delicious!

    I would probably eat anything that was free. Ok, well not just anything, but free food is free food! That explains why I gained 15 pounds eating dorm cafeteria food my freshman year in college.

    All of my runs are slow and easy these days. What I miss is a good ridiculous long run. Call me crazy, but I'd love a 17 or 20 miler right about now.

  3. says

    My office is right down the street from the Flour in the Seaport and we have reps bringing lunch in from there ALL THE TIME…it's amazing/dangerous and I am so spoiled. I <3 flour.

  4. says

    I love free lunches, except when it is something I don't approve and I am forced to eat it. Our back to school lunch for teachers is HORRIBLE. THe food is always cold and it is made from the highschool cafeteria. I always bring a ton of snacks in my purse because I just move the food around my plate. ICK!

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