Jess got her groove back!

I’m starved and have to make some dinner, but I wanted to give an update…I went for my first run since the tri.  I did 4 miles at about 10 pace with my dear Ashley!  We had some guy run by us and it looked like he was trying to do a low five?  He had quite the smile on too.  Haha.  Loved it!  I love seeing happy runners.  Makes my day!

I know I’m not running my runs as fast as I used to, but I’m just happy to be running!  I think the saying is true…distance makes the heart grow fonder…I was juggling swimming and biking so couldn’t run as much.  I do want to continue to bike and swim but I realized how much I LOVE running!  I am getting very excited to get my butt in shape for the Philly marathon this November!

I also am VERY amped because I STARTED A RUNNING CLUB AT MY WORK!!  I am very, very excited to get my coworkers obsessed with running and accomplishing things they never thought they could!

What is something you had some time away from and realized HOW much you loved?

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