First Tempo Run of Training and MORNING workout!

I have been avoiding speed for a while now because I know its important to build up your base mileage first. Yesterday I incorporated some speed because I have been running more consistently and had a good yoga session. I wasn’t going light speed but it was fast for me right now.

4 miles
Avg 8:25 pace

Even better than including speed, I got up this morning and RAN with my friend Sarah! It’s the first time I’ve had a morning run before work in a long time! The next couple of weeks are going to be hectic at work and if I don’t get my run done early I won’t be able to. I knew making plans with Sarah would help me be even more dedicated to run since I had bailed on her one other morning when I just couldn’t get out of bed.

7 miles
Avg 9:05 pace

After our run, Sarah showed me some exercises she does after. I could really feel the stretches and am looking forward to incorporating them!

Once I got to work, I indulged with a cup of home (work) brewed coffee and a bagel with jelly and Laughing Cow light swiss. Dave thinks this is a strange combo, but I love it!


Time to get back to the grind!

How was your first day back to work?

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    Woo! Good for you for getting in a morning run! My first day back to work is tomorrow, but I’ve been holed up in the Davis Square Starbucks doing work after getting a cavity filled, so maybe today counts?

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