Dear 16 year old Jess…

I really had fun with this HAWMC post…the post was to write a letter to my 16-year-old self…here it goes! :)


Dear 16 year old Jess,

You are not going to marry Justin Timberlake. Plastering your room from wall to wall with *NSync posters, creating 4″ binders full of *NSync articles, and recording the music videos everytime it is on TRL does not make it any more feasible! Believe your mom-you won’t like him next year.

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You are awesome and it doesn’t matter that you look different from all the other girls.

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Your bright red highlights are not really that cool when you aren’t a rock star. (No I will not post a picture of this EVER…this is just from Google)

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Please pack your gold plastic pants away. They are not for everyday wear…and no-it does not make it better that you made them into a skirt. (Express-WHAT were you thinking?!)

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You should stop liking all these boys who are mean to you and start dating Dave sooner!  Check us out when we were in senior year of high school!


Your older, faster self! :)


What would you tell to your 16-year-old self?


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  1. Kate putaski says

    Ohhh boy, i did the EXACT same thing w NSYNC…and Hanson years earlier. Baby blue became my favorite color bc JT said it was his. And do you remember the Disney special that started it all? I watched it literally EVERY DAY the summer it came out.

    I would tell myself to tell my mom i love her more often and to stop arguing with her so much. I would also say i need to eat more chicken and less poptarts and oreos. Finally, i would say start researching interior design bc i had no idea what i wanted to go to school for. It would’ve been nice to have taken an interest in it sooner. Oh! Also that my shoe size is 8.5…not 9.5.

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