No running = More Yoga.

I went to my doctor yesterday to get a referral for a PT.  She told me not to run until I go to the PT and see what they say.  A sad day.  But I made an appointment for next Tuesday and am going to work my way up to a yogi in the meantime.

I went to Samara Yoga again last night.  That means THREE nights of yoga in a row!  I rock!  I went to the Vinyasa Level 1/2 class again with Nicoline Valkenberg.  This class was different from her Sunday class and it was great!  I had requested some hip openers, and we sure got some!  I’m really starting to like this!  It is a nice change of pace and really helps me relax.

I am looking forward to my next class!  Unfortunately my next class may not be until Sunday due to plans after work the rest of the days.  When I was chatting with a friend about making plans to go to yoga together sometime, she had mentioned antigravity yoga and said to YouTube it…I did…and I’m totally going to try it!

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Have you ever done antigravity yoga or would you try it?


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