Pho ‘n Rice makes being sick nice!

I’ve been sick and soup seems to be the best cure (along with sleep, hydration and vitamin C).  For dinner last night, Dave and I decided to get some cheap take out.  We tried Pho ‘n Rice.  I got the Pho Chay, the veggie pho, and I drank the entire tub of broth.  Dave liked his soup but it was a lot smaller than mine.  So we have to give this restaurant another try and get some of their other meals!



I’m feeling better today but still the awkward in between and I go through a box of tissues in a matter of 20 minutes and feel like my body develops a slime all over it (I know gross) in a matter of 5 minutes.  I don’t want to get my coworkers sick so I’m staying home one more day to try to ward away these germs!

What is something you love to eat when you are sick?

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