Samara Yoga – Take 2

I made it to Samara Yoga last night, which means I went two times during my unlimited new visitor deal!  I am already tied with the amount of times I’ve been for Back Bay Yoga (BBY) for my first time visitor deal!  But in BBY’s defense, it is more difficult for me to get to since it isn’t right on the red line for the T.  But I do plan on getting to BBY again soon because I am buying a 5 class BBY LivingSocial deal from my friend Sara since it is really not a convenient location for her.

The class I went to last night was also a Vinyasa Level 1/2 class but taught by Nicoline Valkenberg.  The class was great!  When I first got into the class I started stretching my hips.  Some man started smiling at me.  I awkwardly smiled back.  He said something I couldn’t really understand because he had a little bit of an accent.  When he repeated it for the third time, I finally understood!  He said I had really open hips!  I awkwardly giggled, went back to stretching, and thought, “This is kind of awkward” haha.  Then the instructor walked in and she gave the guy who said something to me a hug and said, “I have been meaning to make it to one of your classes!”  I smiled and thought, “An instructor gave me a compliment!”

The other AWESOME thing about last night’s class besides the compliment is that I did my FIRST EVER CROW POSE!!!  I was SO excited and literally wanted to jump up and shout out, “OMG I DID IT!!”  I also was able to get my heels to touch the floor when I did downward dog.  I’m excited to see some progress in my practice and can see myself getting seriously addicted.  I think I am going to invest in the new mat since I had another slip and slide incident like the other time I had posted about.  Now I feel more comfortable investing the money now that I can see myself going more often.  Like Karen Smyer said at her Saucony Find Your Strong talk (see my post), use a negative event and make it into a positive one!  My hips may be injured and not letting me run, but I’m going to become a yogi now and then be a stronger runner when I can run again!

I’m also so, SO excited that I have my doctor appointment today!  I want to get the PT ball rolling!  After my appointment I am hoping to make the Vinyasa Level 1/2 class with Nicoline again! Yoga 3 days in a row?  I’ll be a yogi in no time! :)


Do you have trouble getting to a place to workout if it isn’t very convenient to get to?

I need to plan ahead if it is an inconvenient location.  Otherwise, I am kind of weird and get stressed out about it.  I also tend to like to workout in the morning so I can just relax when I get home and not get home terribly late.

When is a time that you had a negative thing happen and you turned it into a positive?

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  1. Cara says

    Congrats on your first crow! Such a good feeling! I use a Manduka Mat and a no slip micro fiber yoga towel and it does the trick for no slipping – especially during Hot Yoga when it’s like a slip and slide in there!

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