My Yoga Online Review

Let’s be real here…yoga at a studio can get a little pricey. Luckily, there are ways to make sure you get the most out of your money:

  • Buy a monthly unlimited pack and make sure you got a ton!
  • Buy a class pack when it’s on sale
  • Get Groupons/LivingSocial/Amazon/Bloomspot/Swaggle…etc. deal
  • Use online videos for your yoga practice
When I started my 30 day yoga challenge I made use of a lot of online yoga videos.  I mainly used but also wanted to explore some other options.  When My Yoga Online contacted me to review the site in exchange for a free year of membership it was the perfect opportunity to see what else is out there!

It was a little bit of an adjustment going to a new online yoga video site. However one of the realizations I made during my yoga challenge was that I learn to love things that I didn’t necessarily love before if I just give them a chance.  Before I gave My Yoga Online a full review, I wanted to be sure to try out more than just a few workouts.  So far I’ve done the following:

I am going to keep searching for some workouts to do but here is what I think of the website thus far…


  • Only $9.95/month and $89.95/year
  • You can set favorite videos so they are easy to find later.
  • You can see your recently viewed videos which is good in case you decide you want to “favorite” a video.
  • The yoga poses section is great because you can search for and practice specific poses.
  • There is more than just yoga!  Check out the pilates, workplace wellness, meditation, and healthy living sections.  I’m particularly interested in the pilates section now that I’ve been going to Btone Fitness and have fallen in love with it!
  • You can write and share a wellness diary.  This is kind of nice for those of you who kind of want a blog but don’t want to fully commit to one.  You can track your progress and what your feelings are towards your own practice.
  • There are different programs you can sign up for so that you have a more structured routine than going on and looking for videos.
  • There are articles on subjects to educate yourself more on yoga, one that interests me is What Really Happens in Hip Openers since I request hip openers in almost every class!
  • If you invite your friends, they get 2 free weeks and you get one month of premium membership when your friends purchase any type of plan.  Some yoga video websites don’t offer this reward when you invite friends!  Speaking of…get YOUR two weeks of MyYogaOnline free here!


  • I wish there was a better way to find classes that suited my needs.  It seemed easier for me on other services to find a class that met my time needs and what part of the body I wanted to work on.  There doesn’t seem to be a good way to search by time and “hips” if I want to get a good hip opening class in.
  • The website seems a little too crowded for me.  I tend to gravitate towards more simplistic websites that it is easier to navigate and find what I want.
  • There doesn’t seem to be as much customization that I would like.  On some other services I can schedule classes and keep track of my practice in my own calendar.  I can also get email reminders about the class I had scheduled.
  • The yoga instructors on MyYogaOnline do not seem to be my type of instructors.  I don’t know if it is their yoga practice or the way the videos are filmed.  It could be both.  I found a lot of the classes had instruction that was voice overs.  I think that I like when the instructor is actually talking while doing the practice because it makes me feel like I’m actually in the class with the instructor.  I did like Kerri Kelly and am going to search out some of her other classes to practice.  I may just need to spend some more time looking for the right instructors on MyYogaOnline to find what works best for me.

Overall Opinion

I love the idea of getting yoga videos online.  My busy schedule doesn’t always allow for me to attend a yoga class in the studio.  Sometimes I just want a quick yoga session to freshen and open my hips after a run or a strength workout.  MyYogaOnline is great for the price per month as it is less than one drop in class at most studios.  There are great resources for learning about the yoga practice and also other health and wellness information.  I’m definitely going to be checking out more of the pilates classes and also the meditation section.  A fellow sorority sister of mine said she has just gotten into meditation and it has done wonders for her.  I want to see what it is all about!  You can check out MyYogaOnline with two weeks of MyYogaOnline free here!

But as far as my go-to yoga videos, I am partial to even if it is a little more money at $18 per month and might not have the best customer support.  I tried contacting YogaGlo about working together and they haven’t responded back after saying they would.  They were also supposed to send me a free tank because I had referred a few friends and I have yet to receive it after a month of waiting.  It is JUST a tank, but it’s more the principal of not getting it and not getting an email response (even if it is just to say no).  Sometimes if I get frustrated with customer service I will cancel my account; Since I just LOVE some of the instructors and almost every class I try with YogaGlo, I am going to keep using them!  I can’t live without some of my sessions with Tiffany and Kathryn!

Clearly I’m a big advocate of online yoga videos, but don’t think that I’ve fully converted to a yogi who JUST uses videos.  I can’t give up attending studio classes.  There is nothing like a real life instructor telling you what you need to do to improve your practice or being able to sneak a peak at someone who is rocking their yoga practice that inspires you to aim high and improve your practice.


Do you cancel services if you get bad customer service?  What if you LOVE the actual product/service?

If you have used yoga videos to practice, what is something you look for in the video?



Disclaimer: MyYogaOnline sponsored this post BUT dontcha worry! These opinions are all my own!

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  1. Steph says

    I am all for the online yoga as a suppliment to my classes! I think combining it with one class a week (for now), I get the benefits of each medium. For example, I like the physical class because I push myself harder when other people are around. It is also helpful to get personal instruction because my poses need adjustment every now and then. On the days I am not at class, the online sites give me the guidance I need to complete a full workout, but I do not push myself quite as hard (which is not a bad thing because the classes are intense and I do need to give my body time to heal).

    One thing I found helpful are iphone apps! I downloaded the Simply Yoga app, which I have used a few times in lieu of the online instruction. It's portable, and I can set it to a 20 min workout or 40 min workout.

    • lilmissrunshine says

      I used that app!!! It was very helpful when I was in Canada!

      I definitely am on the same page as you as I like the online sites for guidance. I can practice a pose that I might not have time to really master in class!

  2. Charlene says

    Great review! I've done a few yoga classes online and have been thinking about a membership since they really are convenient for when you just can't get to class (which canbe pricey!). I haven't tried yogaglo but might give it a try since you are enjoying it thus far – I hope they send you your tank top!!

    • lilmissrunshine says

      Thanks Charlene! Yes def. give YogaGlo a try! I love Tiffany and Kathryn. Dice is a good instructor as well!

      I am also going to be giving some other services a try too and reviews will be up once I try them for a few weeks! :)

  3. says

    Love the concept, however in having a free account then signing up for a paid while online, there was a tech problem and I am waiting to have them fix it so my account will show paid, not free, so I still cannot log on for the paid privileges. Still waiting and have not heard back from their support. It’s as if it created another account somewhere on their system. I will give it a week before I notify paypal. Otherwise seems like a good idea with the different classes that are offered.

    • says

      Oh no! I hope they fix it soon!

      I have grown to love That one you can’t get free trials or anything, but I love the quality of classes. I can find so many short ones that fit my needs. And it’s cheap enough that if I get one or 2 classes in a month I am okay with it!

  4. says

    Hi: I just clicked on the 2 week offer and it looks like it doesn’t exist any more – they do have an offer at 99 cents for the first month and then $10 per month afterwards. Well 99 cents plus the exchange rate given the falling loonie in Canada. Nice blog. Hope to get back to read more.


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