Kickboxing at Redlight Fight Sports gym with our guests!

Dave and I have our friends Kurt and Kim visiting for the weekend but wanted to be sure they didn’t miss out on a workout since they are pretty active.  Dave and I had been to Redline Fight Sports gym long time ago with our friend Rob and thought this might be a good thing to do with Kurt and Kim that is different than your everyday run.

The class soon began and our instructor Jeovanny Tovar got us warmed up with jump rope, squats, jump squats, burpees, and a move where you start kneeling and then jump to your knees.  The last move was the toughest for me!  I think I’m going to practice this at home!

Once we got our heart rate up, we were partnered up.  Kim and I were together and the guys were together.  We took turns doing a jab-punch-jab routine.  Holding the gloves for your partner is just as tiring (if not more) than doing the actual punching.  I was glad I was partnered with Kim because we were probably more similar in strength and the guys wouldn’t be able to handle us.  If only Dave and Kurt knew what the wrath of Kim and Jess would have been if they were partnered up with us!

During the workout, we worked on flying knee moves and also a roundhouse kick.  Kim and I were really entertained when the instructor laughed at Dave as he attempted his flying knee.  He didn’t make Dave feel bad though-he was a fun and helpful but also looked like he could kick some serious butt in a fight.

Dave and I really want to go back again to Redline Fight Sports.  I am hoping to attend one of the fighter fit classes for some cross training.  Another great thing is that the staff was all really nice and welcoming to new students.  I love how Chris, who Dave had been emailing about our guests coming, had come right over and asked if we were the people with visitors.  He just seemed like someone you wanted to be friends and hang out with!

Now I can be all elegant at my barre classes and then get rough at my kickboxing and fighter fit classes!  Who doesn’t love a girl who can defend herself?!  There was a woman named Claire who really showed us how it was done.  Jeovanny had her help demonstrate all the moves.  She looked really fit and really just pretty badass doing all the moves.  Not going to lie-I wanted to be her!

Though after the class, I tested my true strength and showed Jeovanny a few moves…he didn’t last too long after a few minutes with me! :)


Do you do any fun workout activities when friends visit?

When we visited Kurt and Kim, we played basketball, square ball, and did P90x!

Do you travel to visit college friends a lot? 

We have been going a lot for weddings but we try to see our college friends that live far away at least once a year!

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    • lilmissrunshine says

      Dave and I hope to come back soon! I'm sure next time Kurt and Kim are back in town we will have to make a stop at Redline! :)

      Have a safe drive with the pup this holiday season!


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