My Cheribundi 7-Day Juice Challenge

Cheribundi contacted me to see if I wanted to participate in their 7-day juice challenge.  I figured why not?!  Tart cherries are said to ease muscle soreness and help you sleep better. My hips usually are killing me at work from sitting all day and from my hip overuse injury, so I’ll try just about anything to get them to feel better.

The Cheribundi 7-Day Challenge


  • Rank your sleep, aches and pains, and muscle recovery, then drink Cheribundi for 7 days.
  • Drink two 8 oz. servings of Cheribundi Tart Cherry Juice, Tart Cherry Juice Light, Restore, Rebuild or Relax on the first day of the Challenge.
  • Then drink one 8 oz. serving each day for the next six days.
  • After the 7 days, rank your sleep, aches and pains and muscle recovery again.

My Before/After Rankings

[On a scale of 1 (good) to 10 (bad)]

Sleep – Before 1/After 1

Let’s face it.  I can pretty much sleep through anything and everything.  I can fall asleep almost on command.  Even when I’m stressed I can sleep (I just grind my teeth eek!). Sometimes Dave wonders if I’m actually a cat.  Though my coworkers may think I have the energy of a puppy.

I didn’t really need any help sleeping, but I did feel like my sleep was a lot deeper during the challenge.  I really felt like I was in a coma (no lie!).  It was great but also tough when I fall asleep on the couch while Dave watches TV at night.  The poor guy had some trouble waking me up to get me to the bed!

Aches and Pains – Before 6/After 3

Before Boston Marathon 2012, I had the normal aches and pains any runner or person who worked out had.  Now, my aches and pains are much worse.  Sitting all day at work can cause a lot of pain in my hips or gluteus muscles.  Sometimes the pain is so intense that I can’t focus on work at all.  But after the week of juice, my hips felt less pain while sitting at work and I actually had moments where I didn’t even think about my hips!  A week post-juice challenge, my hips still are feeling pretty good!

Muscle Recovery – Before 5/ After 3

After really intense barre classes or a new workout, my hips, glutes and hamstrings can sometimes be in rough shape.  I remember my first Exhale Spa barre class with Denise left me sore for 3 days.  After the week of drinking juices, I was surprised that my muscle recovery seemed to be quicker.  I had Core Fusion barre, sport and cardio classes along with biking and running throughout that week so I know that I wasn’t taking it easy on myself.

Overall Thoughts on Cheribundi

I am a fan of tart juices.  I like how Cheribundi has a thicker consistency than cranberry juice.  After the challenge, I found myself buying cranberry juice so I could kind of replicate the flavors I had but it just wasn’t the same!

I’m also quite happy with my improvement in muscle recovery and aches and pains.  I realize that so many different factors go into my soreness and pain-like which workout I did and when I did it in relation to other workouts, or what I ate that day, etc.  It might not have been just the juices that contributed but hey-if I’m feeling better, I’ll take it!  The real test will be for me to see how I do this upcoming month.  Then if pain comes back again, I might try drinking the juices again to see if it helps.

Win some Juices for yourself!

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