Cooking Competition with Popchips Kitchen Surfing and Workbar

This past Thursday night I headed to the Cambridge Workbar for yet another Blog and Tweet Boston event.

I didn’t really know what to expect because the event was advertised as a cooking event where Kitchensurfing chefs would create a dish with Popchips for attendees to try.  When I looked up Workbar, it said that it was a shared office and working space-no mention of any kitchen.  But apparently Kitchensurfing chefs will bring whatever portable equipment is needed so it worked.  And for this event, they actually came with everything prepared and no cooking was required.  So as advertised, we got to try 3 different dishes, all prepared with Popchips as one of the ingredients.

While the chefs were assembling their dishes for the bloggers and Workbar members, some of us enjoyed a Cran Cod-Polar Seltzer with Lime, Deep Eddy Cranberry vodka.  Not a bad way to start a Thursday evening I must say.  And there were also cans of Polar Seltzer in case you didn’t want a cocktail.  I ended up grabbing a raspberry lime to go along with my drink.  I always am so thirsty just for water, so this was refreshing. 

Then once the chefs were ready, we all pretty much attacked the food.

A Vietnamese Bahn Mi Sandwich and Popchips  Had a Baby

Mark O’Leary and Justin Hackett – Aprons Off Catering

This dish was impressive because each component had Popchips included.  I wished there was more filling and little less bread, but I still enjoyed trying to taste the Popchips in each component of the sandwich.

Popchips Bahn Mi

Corn and Cheddar Popchips Soup

Chef Jitti Chaithiraphant – Food is Love

This dish reminded me of when I saw Daniel Patterson make popcorn grits on The Mind of a Chef.  Kerrie and I think this was probably our fave of the three dishes because it was so creamy and flavorful.  I also enjoyed the crushed BBQ Popchips on top.

Popchips soup

Popchips Chicken and Waffle

Chef Jen Rogers – Perfect Bite

The chicken was breaded with some original Popchips and the “waffle” was Katy’s Kettle Corn Popchip.  Jen also made honey-hot BBQ sauce and maple-cider slaw for the dish along with a shot of bloody Mary.

Popchips Chicken and Waffles

I left the event with a gift bag full of Popchips, a day pass to Workbar, 15% off Kitchensurfing, and Bitters Handcrafted by Kitchensurfing Chef Tim Fahy (Eclectic Simplicity).  But the best thing I left with was some inspiration to try to be more creative with dishes using unconventional ingredients and being introduced to Workbar and Kitchensurfing.  I am definitely looking forward to having a blogging date with friends at Workbar and giving Kitchensurfing a try-or maybe even someday trying to become a Kitchensurfing chef!

Popchips Swag

But for now, I may have to give the Popchips contest a try…

Popchips Contest

Before we were “dismissed”, a Popchips contest was announced for the bloggers.  We can create a recipe using Popchips as an ingredient and submit to the Blog and Tweet by 3/18/2014.  We have to have our friends/readers vote on our post and the winner will receive up to $350 worth of prizes from Popchips and Kitchensurfing.

This sounds like a fun challenge to me (even if I don’t win or have time to make it by the deadline) so I think I may have to give it a try!  Stay tuned for my recipe!  I have plenty of Popchips to experiment with!


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{Disclaimer:  I attended this complimentary event thanks to Blog and Tweet Boston, Workbar, Popchips and Polar Seltzer.  I was not paid to write this post.  All opinions are my own! }

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  1. says

    Thank you so much, Jessica. I can’t be happier to be mentioned as Sean’s TV show, Mind of the Chef. It was an honor to apprentice in his restaurant and cooked along side with him in 3 other kitchens in 3 different states. Daniel Patterson is also great chef.

    I did not want to over complicate the cook off dish. Originally, I thought of making 3 courses but limited to 1. The soup consists of 4 chips ( Kettle corn and Cheddar to emulate Pop Corn Soup and BBQ and Sour Cream Onion as topping to give contrast texture and enhance flavor ). I hope you do try to make them. If you lose the recipe, kindly email me. I will be happy to share that with you. Happy cooking.


  2. says

    Btw, I appreciated the effort and conceptual dish my friend, Mark, put out. We all worked really hard to put best foot forward. I would rank his dish #1, followed by Jen’s cheerful energy, and mine as last place. :)

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