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While I was traveling for work last week I got to meet some of the co-founders of Social Sushi, Jay Rayford and Grace Montero.

Social Sushi

How they Started

Social Sushi started as a sushi catering company at fundraising and networking events.  With the help of social media, word of their great business spread fast.  Their success inspired them to open up a restaurant.

Their Goals

Provide affordable, unique and delicious sushi to all.

Educate people sustainable seafood.

Bring people together in one place to interact and connect.

Rebuild and revitalize Detroit.

The Restaurant

Social Sushi is working with Roosevelt Proxy to design a building out of shipping containers and reclaimed material from old Detroit homes.   Students from Lawrence Technical University and Southwest Detroit’s Western International High School are working with their professor Steven Coy as well as the owner of Slows Bar BQ, Phil Cooley, to make Roosevelt Park the place to be.

The restaurant is expected to accommodate about 40 seats and to open in June.  The thing that makes Social Sushi unique is their dining concept of fast sushi.  You order and pay for your food at the front and then you can hang out and grab some drinks at the bar.

For those of you who loved their catering service and popup events-don’t worry-having the restaurant won’t stop Social Sushi from hosting these events.  They have a passion for Detroit’s local businesses and want to continue to foster networking and revitalizing the city.

I personally can’t wait until Social Sushi opens up-I love their passion and goals.  I am going to make an effort to get to Detroit so my taste buds exposed to some of this special sauce.  I would love to see Jay and Grace again as well.  They were such great people and I had a blast working with them.  I’ll post soon about what our task was to work on together.

Questions for you

Have you been to Detroit before?  If you have, what were some of your favorite restaurants?

What is your favorite type of sushi?

Do you know anything about sustainable seafood?

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Connect with Social Sushi

Website | Facebook |@SocialSushiDet | Instagram

Connect with Roosevelt Proxy

Website | Facebook | @RooseveltProxy

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