Sparkle Skirt….Yup…Sparkle Skirt

I am not a runner who usually runs in a skirt.  I think they are super cute, but I just don’t do it.  It might be because I live in Boston and am used to cat calls or rude people on the road making me feel uncomfortable.  My running girls are the same exact way.

But for the Ragnar Relay we all said…LET’S WEAR SKIRTS!!!  And we are going to!

Tonight’s plans include hopefully getting a bike lock and pump, and going for either a short run (4 miles max) or a bike ride.

Some news…I am getting closer and closer to getting Dave to run the Philly marathon!  He said he’s unsure if he wants a Garmin or the new Nike GPS watch!


Do you run in skirts?

Like I said, not usually.  Maybe this experience will change it all! :)

Have you ever done a 200 mile relay?  Which one?  What was your favorite thing about it?!

I did the Ragnar Relay last year with some strangers.  It was so much fun!  Read more about it here.

What running watch do you use?  Did you see the new Nike watch?

I use my Garmin Forerunner 405 and LOVE it! :)  The new Nike one does look pretty slick though!


Fridays are my rest days.  I love this because towards the end of the week, I get tired and need some extra sleep.  I don’t have to worry about getting up super early to do my workout, and I get some extra rest for my Saturday long run.

For this wonderful Friday, I met with Ashley, the newest member of the Red Rockettes!  We ate lunch at Flour in the Seaport District.  I always feel a little dorky and nervous meeting a new person, so I talk really fast and think time flies by.  I ended up asking if we should head back and it only had been half an hour!  I promise, Ashley I enjoyed your company!  And I’m so excited to get to know you more!  I thought it was funny because she knew so much about me already from my blog, I love it!  And we also were chatting about trying to meet up with other bloggers come Boston Marathon time!

We had to inspect eachother’s teeth before we took the picture because we both had sandwiches with pesto in it!

A call for help!
Speaking of the Ragnar Relay…because our team is within 100 miles of the course, we need to provide 3 volunteers.  The volunteers help check in teams at check points.  Is there anyone between New Haven and Boston that would like to help out our team and volunteer?  If so, please email me at!

Do you ever feel nervous meeting new people?  
I felt like it was a first date! :)
Have you ever had something stuck in your teeth and no one had told you?
I had a piece of blueberry stuck one day, which I discovered after I had multiple meetings.  Eek!

I found my teammate!

I posted on my request for a Red Rockettes on DailyMile, and quickly got a response from Ashley!  She lives in Somerville, which is great because a lot of my team does as well!

She is a super addition, already having two 50 milers and has 2 more on her calendar!  Insane!  I LOVE IT!!
Please welcome Ashley to the Red Rockettes!!  Look, she is super psyched!!!!

I already have a Valentine, but will you be my teammate?!

First off, Happy Valentine’s day!

Second of all, I want YOU to join me and my Red Rockettes for an amazing adventure!

Are you willing to take on an awesome challenge of 200 miles from Yale to Harvard with me and 4 of my running ladies?!  You get to wear an awesome running skirt!  My running ladies and I aren’t the ones who typically wear these when we run, so we thought it would be fun to have an excuse to wear them!

Unfortunately, one of our team members had to drop out.  She is in classes and had to reschedule her MCATs to the day of Ragnar.  We will miss her tons but the MCATS are probably just a little more important than this race!

We are looking for someone to run 3 legs of the race, which totals to at minimum 27.1 miles.  For the various legs see here.

You will have to take off Friday, May 20th.  We are thinking of staying at a friend’s place near the start Thursday night.  This may depend on what our start time is.  I can give more details if you are interested!  Please feel free to ask me via my blog or email me at!

See the official Ragnar New England website!

Hope to have you join the team! :)

Also, remember to check out my NATHAN HYDRATION BELT GIVEAWAY!!