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I started my blog in 2010 after I ran my first marathon. It went through a few iterations of names and formats. I had a period of time where I wrote every single day and a period of time where I didn’t write for months. It was all about running, then all about fitness classes and then a mish-mosh of everything. Despite all the changes, it was a journal for me to keep track of my life and memories and connect with the community. I have been missing writing and connecting with you all which means that I have decided to give it another go!

There were a few times I tried to get back into blogging and failed miserably. This time before I committed, I looked back at why I kept failing. One of the biggest reason was that I realized I wasn’t excited about the template and also that I was feeling like the content just wasn’t me anymore. To set myself up for a higher rate of success, I Marie Kondo-ed my blog and am starting with a new template and new content. I don’t want to completely erase my past and the memories, so I plan on bringing back some old posts and adding a new perspective!

I’d love to try to post at least once a week and write about anything and everything from fitness classes, running, recipes and restaurants, my career path and life in general. I hope you enjoy and look forward to meeting some new people and connecting back with others I may have lost touch with!