I’ve Started Working with a Career Coach


My company was acquired at the beginning of 2019 and there have been changes in how my company functions and the structure. A colleague of mine was doing some research on what it meant to be an Associate and he was asking me what my thoughts were as an Associate. In that conversation we got into my growth and how I might move to get to the next level. My colleague has gone through coaching training and is energized by helping people reach their goals and potential. He has met with me a few times for a coaching session but also introduced me to a close friend of his that he met through the coaching program who has worked a lot with engineers, Nupur.

I started working with Nupur and have really enjoyed having someone outside of my company that I can talk to and who forces me to set aside time to focus on my growth. I tend to immerse myself in my work and forget to set aside “me” time to reflect. Although I am lucky to have many mentors within my company, a coach is different. What I’ve found is different from coaching than mentoring is that a coach will help you come to the realization and determine what you need to do by asking a lot of questions but not really giving you the advice. Mentors might give you more advice on experiences they have had or seen and may be more focused on your field to help grow your specific skills.

If you are interested in coaching and want to know more about it, ask me! You can also schedule a free 45 minute session with Nupur at her website Road to Being You. I’m honored to be able to complimentary services from Nupur because of our close connection through my colleague but Nupur can detail what pricing is if you want to continue sessions with her. It can be an investment but it may be worth it for you! I’ll be sharing a lot of my experiences with Nupur if you aren’t sure what coaching means and what it can offer.

Have you had any experiences with a career coach? Have you had any stand out mentors?