To Whole30 or Not to Whole30?

About a month ago I completed the Starr Nutrition’s Strip Cleanse Quickie–a 5 day clean eating challenge.  It was tough but I did feel good after.

The clean eating challenge got me wondering about Whole30.  I know a few people who have done it and felt really great after.  A few of the people even went through Whole30 a second or third round!

In the past I thought these short stints of clean eating were not really worth it. Why not just eat healthy all the time and eat things you want in moderation?  I thought depriving myself of a treat I want for too long would actually do myself more harm than good.

However, even though I still believe that everything in moderation is the best way to go, I have been coming around to the thought of trying such a challenge and here are a few reasons why…

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Finding a Place to Do Work – Breather

Disclaimer:  I received 2 hours time free in a Breather space in exchange for writing this post.

Working from home has its pros and cons.  One con is that I live at least a 30 minute T ride from most fitness classes.  I like to make my trips downtown worthwhile if I can.  I either try to do some reading on my commute, plan out my day or work downtown for a few hours before heading home.  If I stay downtown, I need to find a spot that has good wifi and sometimes need a spot that is easy to talk on the phone for calls.  I have tried a few coworking spaces for the day but I often just find a spot in a Capital 360 internet cafe or Starbucks.

Recently Breather has made its way to Boston and reached out to me to see if I wanted try out their service.  I was very excited to give it a try.  Breather is a service that allows you to book a private space to use for whatever you need it for–a meeting, a quick yoga session, a workshop and whatever else a space may be needed for.

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SOWA Food Photography & Styling Workshop

I haven’t been attending very many blogger events lately but when Kristina expressed interest for one this past weekend, I knew I had to join her for it!

The workshop was hosted at Farm and Fable by Betty of Le Jus d’Orang and Meg of Bread and Barrow and the subject was food photography.  The workshop included the following:

  • Breakfast and a photography lesson by Betty
  • Hands on experience with using our cameras and styling
  • An excursion to the SOWA market to checkout props and food
  • Enjoying a homemade lunch made by Betty and Meg


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I haven’t gone to class in 4 days and I’m having withdrawal!

I LOVE my bootcamps, barre, and other fitness classes.  They are so different from cycling and running outside–I get a different adrenaline rush from them.  Not going to lie…I just feel badass after the classes and they are just plain fun.

However, last week I made an effort to remind myself that cycling and running are important for me.  Cycling is important because I have 192 miles to ride in August for the Pan-Mass Challenge.  And running is part of a personal challenge I need to tackle.  I want to prove to myself that I can run distance again.  I realize that sometimes after injuries you can’t, but I think I can–I just need to actually put the time and effort into making sure my body is ready.

I said how I was going to cut back on classes and prioritize running in my last post “I am going to take fewer classes” but I didn’t stick to my guns.  I took just as many classes as I usually do!  I had “running” on my workout schedule but always decided not to and quickly deleted it from my calendar.

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