Precision Running Class at Equinox

I was asked to check out the Precision Running class at Equinox when it first came out.  I had declined the invite because I was still struggling a lot with my running.  Now that I’m making my way back into running, I thought it would be fun to give the class a try–especially since I always enjoy taking class with Ali Baldassare.

Equinox Precision Running Class

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I’m Running The New Balance Reach The Beach Relay 2015

New Balance Ragnar

If you are into running, you probably are familiar with Ragnar Relay.  If you aren’t familiar, teams typically of 12 people run a span of 200 miles non-stop!

My first was in 2010 with 10 other guys and one lady.  Let’s just say I was asked to be on the team and I approached Dave with something like this:  “Soooooo….this team wants me to sub for one of the ladies that got injured….I will be in a pick up truck with 5 other dudes for 24 hours. Cool?”

Being together for so long with Dave, he was cool with it and it was such a fun experience. Honestly, going to school for engineering I was used to being around mostly guys!  Dave even went out with us for one of our team training events and acted as one of our volunteers with our good friend, Derek.

Next, I ran Ragnar was when I ran the ultra with 5 of my running club girlfriends.  It was an amazing experience but also very tiring.  I decided to take a break from relays after that.

However, it is time to make my relay comeback with the New Balance team for Reach the Beach this September!  My team has some bloggers that I’m looking forward to getting to know better:

Ashley from A Healthy Happier Bear

Dani from Weight Off My Shoulders

Evann from Evann Clingan

Karla from Run, Karla, Run

Rachel from Healthy Chicks

Sashea from Sassy Fit Girl

I already am scheming a workout date with Evann and Ashley for my next visit to NYC!  Stay tuned for both half marathon and relay training updates!  Don’t worry–I requested the lowest mileage legs so that I don’t get injured!

Disclaimer:  I am being sponsored for the race–free entry, travel, accommodations and New Balance gear.

Yoga and Pilates Running Workshops with Meg Hughes-Garvey hosted at a Breather Space

I am getting back to running but have a lot of work so that I can.  Two ways I am making sure that I take care of my body are yoga and Pilates.  I know that both of these practices help runners but I don’t know all of the exact details of how and why.

This is why I reached out to Meg Hughes-Garvey from Exercise Your Beauty.  Meg is a clinical exercise physiologist as well as a Pilates, yoga and Spinning instructor.  When you attend her classes, you see her passion for the practice but also for proper form.  I love her attitude and that she gets to the nitty gritty science of it all.  She is even an adjunct professor and teaches the benefit of exercise both in the musculoskeletal and cardiopulmonary systems.

I wanted to ask Meg all of this info for my own knowledge but thought that others may be interested too.  That is why we are partnering up to host two workshops in a Breather space taking place the first week of September and I’d love for you to join!  Breather is like a coworking space, but more private and you can book for all sorts of events like a fitness workshop!

Breather Event

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Reasons Why I Loved The Pan-Mass Challenge 2015

A few weekends ago I rode the Pan-Mass Challenge (PMC)–190 miles to help fundraise money to find a cure for cancer…and it was amazing!  I rode with my former coworkers on a team of 10 for their 10th anniversary of riding the PMC.  The weekend was a great experience and I have so much I could say about it, but to start, I’ll just give reasons why I really enjoyed the PMC.

Team Pic Sharon

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