Harvard Pilgrim Finish at the Fifty 5k 2015

This past Friday I ran the Finish at the Fifty.  This is always a special race for me because I remember how I felt really sick for 4 days after running it 2 years ago (read more on why here).  Every year I go back I feel like it is an accomplishment!

This year was particularly special since it was my first race with my new minimalist running form I was getting trained in at the Spaulding National Running Center.  I was pumped to see how I felt after so I could also give my PT some feedback when I went back for a check-in.

I wasn’t sure what to expect.  From some of my past runs, I was hoping to get an 8:30 pace however I ended up killing it and doing much better than I thought.  I had a net time of 23:44 which ended up being an average pace of 7:39!  I felt good throughout the entire race with the exception of the balls of my feet (especially my right foot).  It felt like I was developing a huge blister on both feet.  I realized this probably was because I was running much faster than I have been and my feet weren’t used to it yet.  After the race, my hips haven’t been hurting any more than the typical soreness they have from sitting all day.  I think this is a good sign that I can keep training for upcoming races…I’ll let you know what is in store soon!

I also was proud of our friend Derek who completed his first 5k and his wife Beth who PR’d from last year by 7 minutes!  Last year was her first race and since then she has been a running maniac and completed her first half marathon–I can’t wait to see where her running shoes bring her next!

Overall this was a great race experience.  I only had one pet peeve and that was the race start.  I am a huge advocate of everyone participating in a race, however I think it’s important for people to respect the pacing groups at the starting line up.

I went to around the 8:00 pace group since I know some people often move to a faster group when they shouldn’t (I mean even I was guilty of this when I was hoping for an 8:30 pace!).  Once we got started running, there were SO many people who started the race walking that must have been in the 7:00 or faster pace group!  It was so frustrating to get stuck and not be in a groove to start.  I was able to find my way to an area where I could run at a consistent pace, but the start was not ideal.  I know that it is a fun race, but I think it can be a fun race but also organized in a way.

Last thing I wanted to mention was how impressed I am with the female winner.  She was 14 years old and had an average pace of 6:17!  I won’t underestimate that kid standing next to me next time I’m at a start line! :)

Hope you all had a happy 4th!

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Questions for you

How do you feel about people lining up in pace groups at the beginning of races?

Do you run any races on the 4th?

I got a Kindle Paperwhite!

One of my 30 before 30 goals was to read 3 books this year.  I know that it seems like an easy goal but I have MANY books that I purchased to read on my phone Kindle app but haven’t really gotten through any of them.

I thankfully ended up completing my goal of 3 books (A Whole New Mind, Poke the Box, and Leadership and Self Deception) but realized that I didn’t want to stop there.  A new goal of mine is to start to read more on my commute on the T or when wifi is terrible on the Amtrak.

In order to help me get to my goal, I decided to use up some credit card points to get a Kindle Paperwhite.  It arrived yesterday!

Kindle Paperwhite

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To Whole30 or Not to Whole30?

About a month ago I completed the Starr Nutrition’s Strip Cleanse Quickie–a 5 day clean eating challenge.  It was tough but I did feel good after.

The clean eating challenge got me wondering about Whole30.  I know a few people who have done it and felt really great after.  A few of the people even went through Whole30 a second or third round!

In the past I thought these short stints of clean eating were not really worth it. Why not just eat healthy all the time and eat things you want in moderation?  I thought depriving myself of a treat I want for too long would actually do myself more harm than good.

However, even though I still believe that everything in moderation is the best way to go, I have been coming around to the thought of trying such a challenge and here are a few reasons why…

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Finding a Place to Do Work – Breather

Disclaimer:  I received 2 hours time free in a Breather space in exchange for writing this post.

Working from home has its pros and cons.  One con is that I live at least a 30 minute T ride from most fitness classes.  I like to make my trips downtown worthwhile if I can.  I either try to do some reading on my commute, plan out my day or work downtown for a few hours before heading home.  If I stay downtown, I need to find a spot that has good wifi and sometimes need a spot that is easy to talk on the phone for calls.  I have tried a few coworking spaces for the day but I often just find a spot in a Capital 360 internet cafe or Starbucks.

Recently Breather has made its way to Boston and reached out to me to see if I wanted try out their service.  I was very excited to give it a try.  Breather is a service that allows you to book a private space to use for whatever you need it for–a meeting, a quick yoga session, a workshop and whatever else a space may be needed for.

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