Nuun Energy Giveaway

Nuun EnergyI wrote a while back how much I love Nuun Enhanced Electrolyte Tablet-they are portable and have less sugar while keeping me hydrated while I workout. Recently Nuun Energy was released.  This product takes the electrolyte mix from the Nuun Active line and … Continue reading

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Apparently I like to break things-like my phone…

I don’t know what has come over me, but I have been on a clumsy spree this past month or so.  Not even a month after getting my Galaxy S5, I ended up dropping my phone face down and the … Continue reading

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Blue Trailer Mobile Lockers

Blue Trailer Mobile LockersA fellow runner and BTone Fitness workout buddy Emily told me one morning about her friend Molly’s business Blue Trailer Mobile Lockers.  I saw Blue Trailer lockers in action when I ran the Finish at the Fifty 5k and wanted to share what a great idea … Continue reading

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Byebye iPhone, Hello Samsung Galaxy S5

iPhone Cracked ScreenBye Bye iPhone I was out for a run with Dave, carrying my phone so I could use Runkeeper.  Dave always says I walk with a pretty big arm swing and apparently I run with a pretty big arm swing too. … Continue reading

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Maria Menounos The EveryGirl’s Guide to Diet and Fitness Book Giveaway

Maria Menounos Book GiveawayLast month Maria Menounos hosted a Celebrity Fitness event at Cambridgeside Galleria to celebrate her new book The EveryGirl’s Guide to Diet and Fitness.  Unfortunately I missed the event, but it sounded like it was fun-attendees learned tips from health experts and also saw … Continue reading

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DRINKmaple Maple Water

DRINKmaple Maple WaterI love water as it is, but sometimes I like to have something a little flavor or something different just for the heck of it.  So I was excited when I was recently sent a few samples of DRINKmaple maple water … Continue reading

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Harvard Pilgrim Finish at the Fifty 5k 2014

Finish at the Fifty 2014 Dave and Me Pre-RaceAt first I was a little doubtful that this race would go as planned since we hit some bad traffic.  Despite the fact that Dave and I don’t like the HOV lane because a break down or any small holdup … Continue reading

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Motto Sparkling Matcha Tea

Motto IngredientsI was first exposed to Motto when I attended a blogger event at CrossFit Coolidge Corner which is a sparkling matcha tea. What is Matcha? And why? Matcha is a powder made by stone-grinding the finest green tea leaves.  Green tea is … Continue reading

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Corporate Challenge 2014

Corporate Challenge 2014Almost every year, my company has participated in the J.P. Morgan Chase Corporate Challenge.  The race is held in 13 major cities on five continents, donating over $700,000 to charities.  Each city has a different charity and this year Boston’s charity was the BUILD … Continue reading

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