If At First You Don’t Succeed….Try, Try Again–My Minimalist Running Start

You might have read that I am starting to get back to running on my own (versus under supervision of my PT).  I’m excited but also curious to see if I love running as much as I did in the past.  I’ve been so in love with going to classes that I may find that running isn’t the first choice on my list.  At the same time, I have a personal goal of running another half marathon before I turn 30 and eventually at least one more marathon just to prove to myself that I can overcome this hip pain.  I remember how much I used to really enjoy running and I want to have that feeling again.

Although I’m allowed to go out running, there are a few rules I need to abide by…

NB Minimus

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Little Miss Runshine is Back!

As some of you know, I have had some troubles with hip pain ever since Boston Marathon 2012.  I can’t believe we will be approaching my 3 year anniversary of hip pain in a few weeks!

I have tried pretty much everything to get better.  I finally decided to splurge and go to the Spaulding National Running Center (SNRC) to get my running gait analyzed and go through a gait re-training process.

This experience required me to only run when I was at SNRC and under the supervision of my PT.  If I ran outside on my own, it is likely I would revert back to my regular bad running habits, defeating the whole purpose of the re-training!

Well..the time as come…I’m allowed to start running on my own!!

I will do a more in depth update about my experience at SNRC once I get through the entire experience and see how my running goes on my own.  With the weather getting nicer, I was just so excited to be able to run outside and needed to share the good news!!

And…this may be me the next time you see me running…

5 Quick and Easy Crock Pot Meals

I like to cook and experiment with new foods.  Typically I make easy recipes during the week and at least one new recipe on the weekend.  Since I have been traveling to NYC about every other week, I don’t even feel like cooking never mind trying something new!  I just want to relax but I don’t feel like getting take out or going to a restaurant.  Don’t get me wrong–I obviously love going to restaurants but sometimes you just need a home-cooked meal!  My solution…the crock pot.

As sad as it sounds, sometimes even prepping food for the crock pot seems like a daunting task.  I will spend Sunday prepping the food and putting them into containers so I can just throw it into the crock pot the morning of.  Another time saving technique I use is that I will make two of the meals simultaneously–thank goodness I have two crock pots!

Since a lot of my friends are experiencing the same troubles, I thought it would be helpful to share some of my go-to weeknight crock pot meals!

5 quick and easy

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I already gave up on my 30 day yoga challenge!

I hate to say that I already failed AND given up on my 30 days of consecutive yoga challenge!

I went to NYC for work a few weeks ago and stayed with Dave’s brother.  I had all the best intentions to do some at home yoga at his apartment but it ended up not working out.  I didn’t bring a mat and also felt a little awkward doing yoga in his open apartment since I got home from work/class late and he was already in bed.

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