Is the Garmin Training Status Accurate?

I’m a data nerd and one of the reasons I love my Garmin is to see how accurate the data is that it is collecting.

Race prediction times have been a feature of Garmin for some time now. Unfortunately, I don’t really have much faith in these predictions. According to the data in the past, I should have be able to run ~3:11 marathon which would be lovely but not realistic for my fitness level at that time. Even if the data is not so accurate, I like to see how the data improves and use it to inform my training. It’s like energy modeling, you really look at the relative change, not the exact numbers.

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CIM 2019 Training Update - September

I’ve been using the Hal Higdon Advanced 2 training program and it’s week 7 out of 18 for CIM. It had been going really well until this week when my right foot, ankle and hip started to feel really inflamed and sore. I have decided to take a few days rest. I am really disappointed because I was really looking forward to my training runs this weekend. I had an 8 mile pace run and a 16 miler - the highest mileage run this training so far.

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Back to Blogging

I started my blog in 2010 after I ran my first marathon. It went through a few iterations of names and formats. I had a period of time where I wrote every single day and a period of time where I didn’t write for months.

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