Cookie Dough Cupcakes


I find baking relaxing and a nice way to make people happy. I often like to bake for my coworkers and am a sucker for anything cookie dough. So…sorry coworkers…you are going to eat these cookie dough cupcakes.

Now…cookie dough in cupcakes? I first thought…this must be magic! But then it all made sense once I found Kevin and Amanda’s Cookie Dough Cupcakes. You freeze the cookie dough balls before baking them in the cupcake and they stay as cookie dough instead of baking into cookies.

These can be a bit time consuming to make but so worth it. The day before baking, I’ll make the cookie dough balls (you kind of have to so they freeze). But before making the cookie dough, I toast the flour at 350 degrees F for 10 minutes per Epicurious Edible Cookie Dough to avoid getting anyone sick because of the raw flour and E.coli.

I often will prep the other dry ingredients the day before so it’s easier the day of baking. I like to make the frosting the day of baking so that it is easier to frost the cupcakes, otherwise, I have to let the frosting get to room temperature from being stored in the fridge. Once cooled, I store the cupcakes in the fridge and take out an hour or so before eating.

Anyone else a cookie dough fan? What’s your favorite way to eat cookie dough or recipe?